Retrofit Lighting


Lighting Retrofit:

The Best Way to Save Money is to Not Spend any at all!
 Why Retrofit Now? 
There are so many reasons to upgrade with a turn-key lighting retrofit solution. Here are just a few:
Improved Appearance
A lighting retrofit isn't only economical and better for our environment, it will also improve the appearance of your workplace. Retrofits will shine brighter and appear livelier with no yellow, dim, or overcast lighting areas.
A footcandle is defined as: A unit of measure of the intensity of light falling on a surface, equal to one lumen per square foot and originally defined with reference to a standardized candle burning at one foot from a given surface.
By upgrading your lighting system, you will increase the number of footcandles in your office or warehouse, and improve the color rendering index (CRI).

Increase in Productivity
Studies have shown that when there are increases in the quality of working conditions, there is an increase in employee production and overall company morale.
This is known as the ”Hawthorne Effect” and it's common business knowledge that if your employees and clients are treated well, that they'll return the favor.

A lighting retrofit is one type of upgrade in which one can see the savings during the same/or very next month, depending on your electric company’s billing cycle. The savings are real and the longer you wait, the longer your money will continue to go out the window.

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