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Parking Lot Lights

Parking lots are an important investment and must be lit to certain legal standards. It is imperative to have parking lot lights in proper working condition for safety, security, and aesthetics. 


Walters Tristate Electric will properly maintain your parking lot lighting to:

  • Meet legal levels for luminosity
  • Minimize electrical consumption
  • Meet or exceed your expectations for time and cost
  • Meet aesthetic standards of business owners and property developers

We understand that safety and security are foremost. Parking lot lights must also complement the surrounding architecture to give off the proper feel and luxury of an establishment.

You can’t skimp on safety and security. Don’t skimp on quality of service, either. Call Walters Tristate Electric at 240-415-0015

Parking Lot Lights Services


          Re-lamp & Re-ballast Services

  • Improves field of light
  • Keeps your electrical load at a reasonable, stable limit
  • May reduce energy costs: LED lighting is a great alternative to incandescent lighting
  • Light Pole Damage Repair & Parts Replacement
    • Exterior Lighting Surveying
    • Head or pole replacement
    • Light pole repair
    • Lights fixtures
    • Wiring

Ask us how we can make things brighter and cheaper for you!




Want to save money and time calling an electrician to repair your lights. Upgrade to LED and relax knowing your saving up to 87% on your electric bill and have less maintenance fees.

Our complete lighting upgrade service will match or improve your current lighting levels and save you time and money. We take care of all the details so you can start saving sooner.


Walters Tristate Electric works with commercial property owners and business owners to ensure that our parking lot lighting service meets your quality standards at competitive rates.

Parking Lot Lights Service Areas include:

  • exterior area lighting
  • gate house systems
  • shopping centers
  • luxury hotels
  • retailers
  • resorts
  • banks
  • malls
  • parks
  • churches
  • golf courses
  • LED lighting
  • solar lighting
  • country clubs
  • security lighting

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