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        History of the German Shepherd Dog


The German Shepherd is one of the most intelligent and best dog breeds around. This Beautiful all around sound dog was created by Captain Max Emil Friedrich Von.  In 1899 a new formal breed was established by the Society for the German Shepherd and was the first president of the Verein Fur Deutsche Schaferhunde.  This breed was used for herding and protecting sheep in Germany and was bred solely for their working ability, with little effort to standardize a particular appearance, eliminate genetic defects or to create a defined breed of dog. He’s objected was to create a herding dog to protect his family and help him with his job.  Today German Shepherd bred in Germany and Europe must earn a Schutzhund I title or certificate in herding in order to be used for breeding. 


      American Bloodline VS German Bloodline


After WW II there was a split in the breed.  German breeders wanted to keep the traits of the breed for working however American breeders were more interested in breeding for show quality.  Recently in the 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show a shepherd by the name of Rumor won for best in show from the herding group. 


German Bloodline

German Bloodline physical characteristics: Physically, European German Shepherds have bigger heads, a straighter line on their hind legs, and a shorter and wider backline.

Traits: European German Shepherds are believed to be better suited as working dogs than their American.  It is also said that they make better guard dogs. The majority of police dogs are from European lines. This may be due to the fact that the SV has worked hard at preserving the working temperament of German Shepherds for many years.


American Bloodline

American Bloodline physical characteristics: This bloodline is bigger overall than European German Shepherds, they have a more refined head, their hind legs bend more, and their torso is more angled from front to back.

Traits: American German Shepherds are known for being elegant, having a graceful walk, and for their extraordinary performance in the show ring




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