Roof & Gutter De-Icing Cables to Prevent Ice Dams On Roofs


Roof/gutter de-icing cables to prevent ice dams on roofs

As temps plummet this winter, ice can accumulate on your rooftop. An ice dam can damage your roof, break your gutters and cause leaks that threaten your home and foundation. In addition to cleaning out your gutters and installing gutter accessories to keep drainage clear, roof cables (also called heat cables) offer added protection from a buildup of rooftop ice dams.

Roof and gutter de-icing cables prevent ice from sticking around during sub-zero temperatures. This allows ice to melt and move from your rooftop shingles to your gutters. That water flow reduces the likelihood of roof leaks and shingle damage from hard-packed snow and ice dams.  Let Walters Tristate Electric save your roof and your wallet and prevent these issues before they happen.  Call now 240-415-0015, Serving your Tri-State area.



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