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Need a new and creative idea for accenting your home or business ? Give Walters Tristate Electric a call today for all of your lighting needs! Our electricians are here to help you put the finishing touches. We offer specialty lighting, holiday lighting, and recessed lighting just to name a few! Give us a call today and let us work for you!

Good warehouse lighting is a must

The proof is in the picture, there is a good financial reasons companies should see the investment in their warehouse lighting as being very good for their bottom line.

Lighting is one of the most impactful investments you can make in your wedding.  Call US!!!!

To design and install the lighting for the wedding of your dream.


Office LED Lighting....

One of the best ways to find out if your office is indeed suffering from poor lighting is to ask your employees if they suffer from some of the very common and negative effects associated with it. Do they suffer from eye strain? Do they find themselves squinting throughout the day in order to see things more clearly? Do they often have headaches while at their desk or looking at their computer screens


One of the greatest drawbacks to the current HPS or METAL HALIDE parking and street lighting in place is that a lot of the energy produced is wasted...which results in higher costs. This is because a lot of conventional lighting technologies emit light in 360 degrees. Fixtures are then used to direct or reflect the light to where it is desired or needed, but there is still light being produced in all directions. Much of the energy created with conventional lighting is wasted as heat emissions instead of light emissions as well. These lamps get hot enough to burn anything that comes in contact with it.  Differences in the way LED pole lights generate and distribute light makes them more efficient, which is why they’re a great choice for Business and cities looking to become more sustainable and energy conscious.  LED pole lights also require less maintenance, and trust us; this is a money-saver as well!

      The lifetime of LED bulbs is Four to Forty times longer than conventional bulbs, so right off the bat there are realized maintenance savings. Not only that, but consider the expense involved in changing pole lights, which are often in excess of 15 feet high. Even simple maintenance changes usually require the use of a bucket truck or hydraulic lift. Even if Smart Poles will descend to a height that does not require a bucket truck, the reduced maintenance required based on lifespan alone makes LED pole lights a good solution for basically every Business or municipality.

Ballast and Bulb Replacement


Retrofit Lighing

If your fuses blow regularly, you have to use multiple extension cords, your lights flicker, or you just need more outlets, retrofit lighting for your commercial space should be your next investment. 


Commercial Lighting

Custom lighting can create the perfect setting for success. From adding ambiance to improving convenience and boosting energy savings, Walters Tristate Electric offers an array of commercial specialty lighting solutions to fit your needs.


Holiday Lighting

Holiday lighting creates magic and whimsy for your family and neighbors. For those who want the fun without the fuss, Walters Tristate Electric offers both installation and maintenance of holiday lighting displays as well as a large selection of lighting choices.


Landscape Lighting

From motion lighting to sconces and décor, Walters Tristate Electric offers complete landscape lighting design solutions for your home that can dramatically improve the beauty and security of your property.


Commercial ballasts limit the flow of electrical current going to fluorescent bulbs. This prevents them from becoming overheated and burning out. Lighting ballasts are matched specifically to the light bulb type being used.


Bathroom and Kitchen Lighing

The right lighting affects how others view your home, making bath and kitchen lighting among the top ways to boost resale value. Highlight features and improve functionality with custom lighting design by Walters Tristate Electric today.


Lighing Controls

Looking for more energy efficient lighting options? Light control solutions allow you to manipulate lighting and small appliances in your home simply and easily.


Motion Sensors

Security on the exterior of your home or commercial property  is an important feature, not only for you but also for visitors approaching your doors after dark.  Motion sensors save time and money over traditional exterior lights controlled by a switch.


Recessed Lighing

When less is more, clean, contemporary, inexpensive recessed lighting offers design and function, improving lighting in poorly lit areas, highlighting essential features in your home, or adding a decorative element.

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