Light Dimmers and Timers


Light Dimmers & Timers

Being able to control the amount of energy your lighting is using is a great advantage to using a light dimmer and timers.  You can lower your energy bill costs by dimming the lights in your home or business that you don’t need to be at their full brightness.  This is not only a good way to save money but you can also increase the comfort in your home by customizing the amount of ambient light to fit your mood.  Perhaps you enjoy low light dinners with your loved one.  

Being able to control this with a turn of a dial will help you create the romantic setting you desire.  Or perhaps you would like to be able to control the lighting in your bathroom or your bedroom.  The options are endless.  Like dimmers, putting your home lights on a timer can also save you money.  Especially around the holiday season.  Hanging up outdoor lights and decorations is beautiful and fun to look at.  

It can also be very costly.  Leaving those lights on while you are asleep is a sure fire way to raise your electricity bill.  With a timer you can set the amount of time you want those lights to be on for.  They will automatically turn off at the time you select.  This is also an excellent way to deter would be thieves.  You can go out of town and have the peace of mind knowing that your home will not look like a big deserted target for burglars.  Setting your lights to turn on and off at specific times will make it look like someone is always at home.  Let Walters Tristate Electric take the guess work out of installing dimmers and/or timers to your home or business.  Our expert electricians are fully certified and will quickly and efficiently install:


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Types of Light Timers For Homes and Offices



In Wall Switch Timers:

A Wall Switch Timer is a motion detector that can sense movement in a room for a certain period of time.  They can be used indoors or outdoors.  They are handy for rooms when you have your hands full like the laundry room or garage.  This is a programmable switch that has the functionality to allow you the ability to preset times based on your day to day needs.  They can even be programmed to make it look like you are home while you are away by turning on lights at preset times throughout your house, garage, outside on the porch, or in the backyard.





Plug In Timers:

These timers are very energy efficient and they are as easy to use as turning on and off your lights.  They can be used both indoors and outdoors and make a great money saving solution when using holiday decorations and lights.  Not only will these timers save you money but they can also give you peace of mind knowing you are not wasting energy and racking up a huge utility bill by forgetting to turn off your lights or decorations.  They also can keep you from having to enter a dark home, which offers you a sense of security.


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