Circuit Breaker Replacement


Circuit Breaker Replacement

Electricity is the lifeblood of our homes and it’s all managed by your circuit breaker. Circuit breakers have a lot more to handle every year as our lives become filled with new, advanced devices, computers and appliances. Is your circuit breaker up to date—or is your old breaker limping along, struggling to meet the new demands? Walters Tristate Electric can help.

Symptoms of Overloaded Circuit Breakers

Circuit tripping when your turn the microwave on? Blowwing a fuse when you make your toast? iMost homes are still operating with old breakers and many are beginning to feel the pinch.

Benefits of Circuit Breaker Replacement

  • Avoid trips to the basement to reset that blown fuse.
  • Minimize the risk of fire, your breaker is tripping for a reason, the wires are getting HOT and overloaded.  This in time weakens the wire and can cause FIRES.
  • Protect your electronics with GFCI breakers from electrical surges and the risk of damage to the devices

Professional Installation is Key to Safe Circuit Breaker Operation

  • Improper installation can leave you vulnerable to fire, putting you and your family in danger.
  • You could also experience property loss, through a fire at your home, but also through electrical surges or interruptions from an carelessly installed circuit breaker.
  • Circuit breakers must be installed to code for safety and insurance reasons.
  • An unskilled individual could electrocute themselves if they lack the skill and experience of a professional electrician when dealing with high voltage.
  • Walters Tristate Electric is the one to choose to install your new circuit breaker. Our licensed electricians are prompt, friendly and professional. We'll do the job right the first time.

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