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Call Walters Tristate Electric to get your chandelier wired safely so that its not a hazard to your family.  We have the experiece and proper equipment  to make sure that everything is done correctly. 

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If you’ve moved into a new home or have a new chandelier that you need mounted in your dining room or foyer,it’s generally not a good do-it-yourself project. Making sure the wiring is adequate for the additional lighting requirements and getting it wired safely to prevent any fire hazards, is critical. The added weight from the chandelier can also be a problem with standard mounting kits, making it more difficult to install.



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Need your chandelier cleaned!!  no problem we have the equipment to reach it.  We can clear the dust and make it shine again.

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Don’t want to call us to clean your chandelier or change the bulbs.  Walters Tristate Electric has the solution for you.  A light lift or motorized chandelier hoist is a must if you’re installing a chandelier on a high ceiling.


The Aladdin chandelier lift motorized winch and cable lift system can be installed in your attic and is completely invisible. When the chandelier is in the normal position at the top of the ceiling, the canopy is flat against the ceiling and hides the Aladdin lift connection. 

There is a key switch located at your preference. A key and lock is used so that the key can be removed if there are children in the house to prevent children from playing with the chandelier lift. The key switch is a dead man’s switch so that it must be held continuously while lowering of the chandelier. A remote control is also available.

As soon as the chandelier starts to lower, the electric power is automatically disconnected from the chandelier to prevent electric shock. The chandelier lowers together with the chain and canopy at a rather slow rate to prevent any accidents and can take a minute or two to completely lower.

After changing light bulbs or cleaning the chandelier, the key switch is turned in the other direction to raise the chandelier. When the chandelier canopy reaches the ceiling, it it automatically stops in the correct position and restores electric power.

Use LED chandelier bulbs so you can use it every night without worrying about your electric bill.  With LED bubs from 0.4 W to 8 W, you can leave your chandelier on all night without even noticing it on your electric bill. LED bulbs may not have to be changed for years but you’ll still need a motorized light lift to clean your chandelier.

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