Ceiling Fan Installation


You don’t have to be a born-and-raised maryland or virginian to understand the value of the ceiling fan.  Whether you migrated to Maryland from the north or came to Virginia from California. 

Maybe, for your first summer, you left the fans off while you were enjoying a 7 day cruise.  You figured, why waste the energy if you’re not going to be home?  Undoubtedly, when you returned, you noticed intensely rapid mold growth and insects in your previously spotless home.

Perhaps you invested in a home that didn’t have ceiling fans and came to find that you would rather have them installed in order to take some pressure and cost off of your A/C.  The summers here are just too hot to do without ceiling fans.  You’ll be running your air conditioning much more, without them.

You might be one of those industrious, hands-on people who like to take on home improvement projects.  You’ve built your own bookshelf, you have a small indoor herb garden, you change the oil in your own car, and you’ve tightened many a bolt in your lifetime.  You’re looking at the ceiling fans in your home—they look like they’re from the seventies, they’re browning at the edges, the center piece is 99% rust, or maybe they literally rock from side to side on low.  You’re thinking, I could fix that.

While we are not saying that you can’t fix that, in the interest of your safety, we highly recommend that you enlist professional help for your ceiling fan needs.  Upwards of 18,000 people are injured every year, due to ceiling fans, according to Electrical Safety Foundation International. Some were probably injured in the process of fixing their faulty fans, some while simply standing under a faulty fan.

If you are afraid of your ceiling fan—if it looks in any way dangerous—we strongly advise against trying to fix it yourself, and we urge you to call a professional right away.

For anyone in the Washington DC Metro area this includes Maryland and Virginia State a great choice for ceiling fan installation and repair is Walters Tristate Electric. orlando-ceiling-fan-installationThey are Washington DC metro area residential electricians who have been servicing the area since 2009.  They come highly recommended by their customers.

The best thing about Walters Tristate Electric, in this scenario, is that they will quote you a price on your ceiling fan installation before they start work.  This is good for those who would rather reach for a wrench themselves than pay too much.

So, what will Walters Tristate Electric do for you?

There are many factors involved, in ceiling fan installation, and the experienced Washington DC metro area residential electricians at Walters Tristate Electric are out to maximize the utility and safety of your ceiling fans.

*They know the installation measurements and secrets that will make your fan as efficient as possible.

*They will remove your old fans, if that is necessary, and install new ones.

*They will make sure that your electrical box is compatible with the fan and, if not, they will install the correct electrical box (fans in older homes may not have fan rated electrical boxes—A-Lumination can install one for you)

*During maintenance, they will check the following: balance, oil, chain switch, speed switch, and/or remote control units

In order to have the work done safely and efficiently, your go-to electrical contractor for Hagerstown, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Rockville, Bethesda, Herndon, Leesburg, ceiling fan installation  is Walters Tristate Electric.  They are a trusted company that cares about you and your safety.

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