GFCI Outlets

maingfci - GFCI Outlets

GFCI Outlets Leviton GFNT1-W Self-test SmartlockPro Slim GFCI Non-Tamper-Resistant Receptacle with LED Indicator, 15-Amp, White   GFCI Outlets GFCIs, or ground fault circuit interrupters, protect against the risk of electrical shock. Installing them provides an inexpensive solution to preventing incidents of shock, and offers the added bonus of bringing your home up to code. What…

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Power Surges and Surge Protection

surge protection house - Power Surges and Surge Protection

Power Surges and Surge Protection A power surge refers to an increase in voltage that substantially exceeds the standard designated flow of electricity — 120 volts. At a basic level, the wiring overheats and starts to burn. Homes, businesses, offices and other environments have an abundance of important and expensive electronic equipment or appliances, including…

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Roof & Gutter De-Icing Cables to Prevent Ice Dams On Roofs

walters ice melting - Roof & Gutter De-Icing Cables to Prevent Ice Dams On Roofs

Roof/gutter de-icing cables to prevent ice dams on roofs As temps plummet this winter, ice can accumulate on your rooftop. An ice dam can damage your roof, break your gutters and cause leaks that threaten your home and foundation. In addition to cleaning out your gutters and installing gutter accessories to keep drainage clear, roof…

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EV Charger Installation

SmartM - EV Charger Installation

EVSE Installation and Service EVSE Installation and Service If you own an electric vehicle, and you’d like the convenience and safety offered by an at-home charging station–talk to the electrical experts at Walters Tristate Electric. We’re happy to answer any questions your may have. We offer a selection of the most advanced, fully featured residential…

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Power Consumption Meters

walters power cun meter - Power Consumption Meters

Power Consumption Meters Are you looking for ways to save money on your electric bill? Are you looking to reduce your energy consumption?  Do you want to be more environmentally conscious?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need a power consumption meter in your home. Experts are advising that we cut…

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Circuit Installation and Upgrades

walters panel - Circuit Installation and Upgrades

Circuit Installation and Upgrades As devices become more technologically advanced, businesses must adapt to keep up. Many business’ electrical systems do not have the capacity to support today’s high powered devices. From the moment each employee arrives at work they are using electronic devices, such as:  coffee makers, computer monitors, computer towers, laptops, printers, lamps,…

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Tankless Water Heaters

how to choose the best tankless water heater 1 - Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heaters Water heaters tend to go bad every seven to fifteen years.  If your water heater has not already gone out, it could soon.  Rather than being forced to make a hasty replacement decision, plan ahead so you don’t have to experience an icy cold shower at the most inconvenient time. Don’t take…

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Power Conditioners

Whole House 1 - Power Conditioners

Power Conditioners What is a Power Conditioner? A power conditioner is an electrical device that provides clean power to your electronic devices.  A power conditioner provides not only surge protection, but noise filtration.  Some models even supply phone line, Ethernet, and cable conditioning.  To maintain the long-term stability of your electrical equipment, a power conditioner…

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Exhaust Fan Installation & Repair

install bath - Exhaust Fan Installation & Repair

Exhaust Fan Installation & Repair   Are you looking for a way to reduce moisture and humidity in your bathroom or another room of your home? The Hagerstown, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Rockville, Bethesda, Herndon areas are prone to hot, humid conditions during summer months, and certain rooms—like the bathroom—tend to be damp and warm year-round. Fortunately…

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Ceiling Fan Installation

walters fan - Ceiling Fan Installation

You don’t have to be a born-and-raised maryland or virginian to understand the value of the ceiling fan.  Whether you migrated to Maryland from the north or came to Virginia from California.  Maybe, for your first summer, you left the fans off while you were enjoying a 7 day cruise.  You figured, why waste the energy if you’re…

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